Risk Assessment

Wharton Lodge Cottages Risk Assessment


Slips and Trips

The garden has steps and gravel paths


Weed paths regularly, ensure steps are free from debris and algae, pressure wash on a regular basis. Advise guests of uneven levels and highlight with dark mats

Remove and tidy broken branches and saw up logs – ongoing in parkland and driveway

The garden has two ponds. Remind guests on T&Cs and verbally that children must be accompanied in the garden and parkland

Moving Vehicles

Guests park their cars in allocated spaces in the courtyard but we have regular van deliveries and visitors


Advise guests of moving vehicles in the courtyard. Ask guests to park in the dedicated spaces except when unloading/loading

Farm Animals

There are a farm animals in the fields surrounding the property


Place a copy of the Country Code on the Information Board

Internal Slips and Trips

There are some unexpected steps in the cottages and a variety of floor coverings. Several electrical items have long leads.


Ensure floor coverings are in good condition (ongoing)

Ensure housekeeping standards are maintained. Ensure housekeeping/cleaning contractors are aware of the need for managing trailing cables from electrical machinery and that cabinet doors and drawers are kept closed when not in use (ongoing)

Maintain the handrail on staircases and ensure that the light fittings are working on all stairwells (ongoing)

Provide spare light bulbs for guests use - kitchen drawer (ongoing) 'LED PIR-Light' connected in each cottage with removable torch


There are a number of electrical circuits in the cottages and many electrical items of equipment


Periodically have an Electrical Safety Certificate from a qualified Electrician

Have all electrical products PA tested every 60 months (ongoing)

Ensure that there are sufficient sockets provided including USB sockets (completed)

Request that housekeeper/cleaning contractors regularly check sockets and plugs visually and report all defective electrical cables, plugs or equipment (ongoing)

Fire Safety

The cottages are all on two floors


Place fire extinguishers and fire blankets in all kitchens and other critical points (completed)

Ensure fire extinguishers are regularly checked and serviced annually (ongoing)

Place Fire Evacuation Notice inside wardrobe doors in cottages (including notification of fire evacuation point by green timber garage)

Have a no smoking policy in the cottages and glass house. Make this clear to guests on booking and in the Health and Safety notice online and in the cottages

Due to fire risk candles are not provided and guests are asked not to light their own candles inside the cottage. We are happy to provide artificial, realistic wax candles

Fit fire alarms on every landing/stairwell and living rooms, electric with battery back-up (completed) Test on 4 weekly basis and change batteries annually (external contractor)

Provide emergency lighting. Torches placed in kitchen and master bedroom bedside drawers and LED PIR ‘Night Lights/torches’ on landings (completed)

Test torches on every change-over (ongoing)

Ask guests to close all doors at night and take mobile phones to bed with them (in guest safety instruction notice) (completed)

Access to exits and extinguishers to be kept clear at all times (ongoing)

Waste bins to be emptied and removed outside as soon as possible, along with recycling material – (ongoing housekeeping checks)

Waste paper bins in bedrooms to be metal-lined

Due to fire risk candles are not provided and guests are asked not to light their own candles inside the cottage. We are happy to provide artificial, realistic wax candles (ongoing)

Cleaning Chemicals

We use environmentally friendly cleaning products where possible. Use of bleach is kept to a minimum as we have a septic tank. Some cleaning products and equipment are provided for use by guests


Ensure that cleaning products/chemicals are kept at waist height in cupboard, out of the reach of children. Notify guests in the safety instructions of their location and potential danger to children

Check that Housekeeper/cleaning contractors have rubber gloves available (complete)

Ask Housekeeper/cleaning contractors, where possible, to use safer alternatives to bleach and other chemicals (complete)

Manual Handling

There are beds to be made and cleaning equipment and occasionally furniture to move


Ensure Housekeeper/cleaning contractors are trained in correct methods of manual handling (ongoing)

Hygiene and Welfare

Cleanliness is paramount as part of our business


Toilets are provided with hot and cold water and soap and towels (ongoing)

All areas of the property thoroughly cleaned before new guest arrival, with particular attention paid to kitchens, fridges and bathrooms (ongoing)

Disposal of Waste

The hygienic disposal of waste is vital to protect the environment, discourage vermin and ensure high standards of cleanliness


Ensure all guests know the process for removal of waste and the day of removal (completed)

Provide plastic liners to all bedroom and bathroom waste bins (ongoing)

Ensure that there is a plentiful supply of bin liners (ongoing)

Ask guests to place glass bottles, paper, plastic and tin in appropriate green wheeled container for recycling (complete)

Ensure all around the waste bins are cleaned weekly (ongoing)

Environmental and Comfort Factors

The quality of environment is vital to the business


Cottages kept warm and light, windows opened during cleaning to provide fresh air before guests arrive (ongoing)

Ask Housekeeper to report on any damaged items or other exceptional circumstances (ongoing)

Ensure that there is not any unnecessary noise and odour from the property.

Ask guests to respect other people in the guest information folder

Ask guests (in the information folder) to drive slowly down the drive, in particular near the bungalow and the courtyard in front of the cottages

Pollution Prevention

There are two 2000 litre oil tanks at the property

Ensure regular visual checks are carried out to check for leaks (ongoing)

Energy Efficiency

The business wishes to act responsibly in an environmentally friendly way.


EV Charger for guest use – Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (complete)

Provide all guests with information on local public transport, both prior to arrival and in the property (completed)

Only buy electrical items with low energy ratings/good ratings (ongoing) A++

Fit energy efficient light/LED bulbs wherever possible (ongoing)

Encourage guests to turn down heating if not required and to turn heating to low before they vacate the property. Mention in digital guest book

Fit thermostatic radiator valves to all radiators (completed)

Arrange furniture so that it does not obstruct radiators (ongoing)

Fit draft excluders to external doors (or provide moveable)

When replacing curtains, use lined and interlined curtains (ongoing)

Service boilers/pumps annually and ensure they are correctly insulated and ventilated (ongoing)

Check weekly the setting points for fridge/freezers (ongoing)

Repair dripping taps immediately and replace taps for more efficient ones as necessary (ongoing)

Communication of Health and Safety

New guests arrive regularly and are unfamiliar with the cottages


Update the Health and Safety details to incorporate all above recommendations

Ensure that the Fire Record book is maintained monthly

Ensure that the guests Health and Safety Notice clearly indicates where the First Aid Kit can be found – (completed)

Should any accidents occur these are to be recorded in the Accident Book

April 2021

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